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Branded Napkins

Branded paper napkins














Branded Napkin. 2 ply napkin.


1c or 2c print direct on to napkin, one position.


14 days


24cm (12cm folded).     (Up to 40cm available).


To one UK mainland address included.


£210 + VAT for 100 napkins - 1c print.

£310 + VAT for 1000 napkins - 1c print.

£265 + VAT for 100 napkins - 2c print.

£400 + VAT for 1000 napkins - 2c print.

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SFMS - Machine 1 colour

branded napkins

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branded paper napkins

printed paper napkins

personalised paper napkins

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branded cocktail napkins

printed cocktail napkins

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personalised ice cream napkins

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