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Fun Food hire for corporate events, weddings and parties.

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Branded Popcorn Boxes

Branded Paper popcorn boxes - open top
















POPCORN BOXES (full colour wrap)


Full colour wrap print direct on to box.


Flat packed delivery.


2 to 3 weeks


24oz    (18cm x 6.5cm base x 9.5cm top)

32oz    (16.5cm  x 8cm base x 10.5cm top)

tapered so base is shorter in size


To one UK mainland address included.


£725 + VAT for 1000 boxes  (min order qty).

£1285 + VAT for 2000 boxes .

Branded Popcorn Box Gallery

SFMS - Machine 1 colour

branded  popcorn holders

printed popcorn holders

personalised popcorn holders

logo popcorn holders


branded popcorn boxes

printed popcorn boxes

personalised  popcorn boxes

logo  popcorn boxes


branded pop corn boxes

printed pop corn boxes

personalised  pop corn boxes

logo  pop corn boxes

KANA logo on paper bag popcorn box personalised

Download full price list

for branded items:

Branded items price list
















POPCORN BOXES (1 or 2 colour print)


1c or 2c spot print direct on to box.

2 sided print also available


Flat packed delivery.


1 - 2 weeks


17cm x 9cm x9cm, base 6x6cm (tapered)


To one UK mainland address included.


1c, £250 + VAT for 100 boxes.

1c, £360 + VAT for 500 boxes.

1c, £520 + VAT for 1000 boxes.


2c, £325 + VAT for 100 boxes.

2c, £435 + VAT for 500 boxes.

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Dolby popcon box branded popcorn box design 2 sides
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