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Candy Floss

Candy Floss hire London


- Candy Floss Cart hire includes 100 portions with further supplies available if required.


- Our high-capacity candy floss maker produces 100 servings per hour of freshly spun candy floss!


- We provide a fully-trained and uniformed member of staff to operate the machine and serve your guests.


- Includes, delivery, set up, collection, candy floss cones.


- Includes clear bubble dome guard for safety and cleanliness.


- Dimensions: 140cm (h) x 95cm (w) x 60cm (d).


- Power consumption: 1.8kw.


Candy Floss is made by heating sugar into a liquid form and then releasing it back into the air to create a solid.

Due to the 'heating' procedure it is recommended that the machine be located in a room with high ceilings to allow the heat to disperse without affecting smoke alarms.

Candy Floss Colours

We provide Candy Floss in a colour to match your theme.

In stock we have: Vanilla Pink, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Yellow, Orange.

For an extra fee we can also supply: Purple Grape, Cherry Red, White Passion Fruit, and Apple Green.

Branded Candy Floss Cart

We can brand the candy floss cart. Visit this page: 

Branded Candy Floss Edible Logos

We can brand the candy floss with edible logos. Visit this page

Branded Candy Floss Tubs