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Frozen Yoghurt

Ice cream machine hire London

- A complete mobile frozen yoghurt bar with fro-yo machine so your guests can enjoy our delicious frozen yoghurt.


- Includes delivery, set up, 2hr service, pack down, and cleaning.


- Included in the price is the frozen yoghurt bar hire, tubs and spoons, yoghurt dispenser, low-fat mix, various sprinkle toppings, various sauces, and napkins.


- Our member of staff will serve the frozen yoghurt, and your guests help themselves to toppings and sauces. Fruit can be ordered as extra upon requested.


- Bar size: 1.6m (w) x 0.8m (d).

- 75 per hour output capacity.

- 1.4kw power required.


Machine works best in cool temperature so please locate away from direct sunlight, BBQs, open fires, etc.

Branded Frozen Yoghurt Bar

We can brand the bar. Visit this page: 

Branded Tubs / Napkins

We can print branded tubs or napkins. Visit this page: 

Frozen Yoghurt - Gallery

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